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           How the act works....

The Singing Waiters begin the night by welcoming guests and helping to serve the food and drink over pre-dinner and entrée’. They blend in with the other real waiters and even dress in the same outfits if possible.

It doesn’t take long however, for some of the guests to realize that all is not as it should be, as the waiters become clumsy, flirty and one even appears to be inebriated. Most of the guests can’t believe how bad the waiters are and some have even complained to the management (much to the clients delight).

Then just as the entree' is cleared, one of the waiters goes on stage and announces that the band hasn’t turned up, but not to worry because some of the waiters are prepared to help out. He then invites three other waiters on to the stage and they burst into song.

The Singing Waiters are actually an Acappella group, and using no instruments apart from their voices, the Singing Waiters engage the audience with their beautiful harmonies, comedy and lousy choreography during a 20 -40 minute show featuring well- known songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.

The Singing Waiters also dress as Chef's and a variety of other characters depending on the theme of the event. one of our other popular acts  is the Italian Waiters, where we dress as over the top Italian waiters with silly accents comedy and Italian love songs.

Depending on the size of the function we also sing accoustically (usually for smaller groups of up to 80




Please note:

The Singing Waiters


The Singing Waiters sing Acappella. using only their voices.

They use no backing tracks or instruments.